Acupuncture - Richmond Acupuncture Clinic
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Acupuncture involves the use of very fine needles that are inserted into specific points on the body, along meridians or channels to activate the Qi (pronounced chee – energy) to restore good health.

It is still used in East Asia today to treat a variety of health care problems. Over the last 20-30 years, this ancient holistic therapy has gained increased popularity in western countries. It is now used in western countries as an alternative medicine to treat common conditions, such as pain, anxiety, stress, digestive disorders and male/female infertility.

Even though this is an ancient therapy, it is classified in western countries as a complementary or alternative therapy. There are now several different types of acupuncture practised in western countries. A new style is dry needling, which was invented in the last few decades by western medicine doctors and doesn’t exist in East Asia. Medical acupuncturists don’t believe in the flow of qi (life force) or the flow of energy.