Our Process - Richmond Acupuncture Clinic
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Our Process

Listen to the patient

Listen to the person

We listen to your problems without judgement. We are open minded and you can tell us anything, in confidence.


We won’t rush you. You can take your time to explain your symptoms and when they started.

Ask questions

We will ask you questions about your problem and how it started and what measures you have tired so far.


We will then enquire about the rest of your health, from your sleep to your energy levels, appetite, ciruclation and your menstrual cycle if you are a woman still menstruating.

Ask questions
Check the tongue

Check the tongue

We will check your tongue to see the size, shape and it’s coating so don’t be afraid to stick your tongue out.


The tongue represents the health of the body’s internal organs and is a vital tool in Chinese medical diagnostics.

Analyse the pulse

We will analyse both of your wrist pulses to determine your state of health.


Pulse diagnosis is an integretal part of Chinese medicine diagnosis. Each wrist is different and show what’s happening inside your body.

Check the pulse
Explain the diagnosis

Explain the diagnosis

We will then explain why you have your problem and how everything is linked together.


We will then explain how to rectify the problem with treatment options and dietary advice.

You will not find a better acupuncturist in Richmond Upon Thames.